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Hi Suzanne
I just wanted to let you know - albeit belatedly - that I gave birth to Anna on the 16th of october - and had a really wonderful HypnoBirth. My labour started around midnight on the 15th - I wasn't really wasn't convinced I was in labour at all... I had no other indications other than the surges - which felt very mild. As a result, we didn't contact the midwife until about 5am on the 16th. she came over and said she thought I was in the early stages of labour and to contact her in a few hours... however, she examined me to double check and found I was 5cms dilated. She was very surprised, as I was ! So off we went to the birth centre! Up until 5am I had been sleep breathing and slow breathing - all great. I got into the pool at about 6.30am and just listened to the HypnoBirthing cd and other relaxing music. Time seemed to go by fairly quickly...
Looking back, I can definitely say that I couldn't have done it drug-free without the HypnoBirthing techniques and the pool (and of course the support from Stephen and my two midwives)... but I basically got on with it myself by going into the hypnozone and was told that i was the quietest birth either of the two midwives had ever seen. Looking back I can't remember pain, but certainly if I ever have any more children I will look forward to the experience and definitely use the hypnobirthing techniques and the water pool. Anna was 8lbs 2.5oz and I had no tears at all (i did the massage religiously)... plus she scored 10s on all the apgar tests. Above everything else I was just delighted to have a healthy and non-stressed daughter which much of that being down to having such a relaxed birth - although I'm sure the psychological and physical benefits I reaped thanks to hypno techniques ensure that hopefully Anna will have a brother or sisiter or two in the future!
I hope you're all well and wishing you all the best.
Tabitha, Stephen & Anna

"...Chiara was born so healthy that she was crying as her body emerged. Her Apgar scores were 9,10 and 10. The midwives said they should really have been 10, 10, 10 but they just don't give perfect scores. I had one small tear, internally, but it didn't require stitching. I have not had any pains going to the toilet or any other trouble. When the doctor examined her, he commented on her above average muscle tone. Look, a bragging parent already! It just that I feel my major achievement of the birth was delivering such a healthy baby. The midwives were great. When I subsequently discussed my HypnoBirth with my main midwife, she said was impressed with how well I did, given it was my first baby. She says that the major difference betweeen my birth experience and other mothers is that I didn't fear each contraction. I just let it come and relaxed through it ... as much as I could! I was more relaxed throughout, and she felt that she learned that a longer second stage could be beneficial to mother and baby.

So thumbs up all round - my birth experience was wonderful."

Brigitte & Chiara

Hi Suzanne,

Just to let you know that we had the baby on Saturday September 3rd. Labour
was 5hrs and she weighed 7.9 1/2 pounds. She is lovely. I still had my water birth and the relaxation tapes did help until I got in the water. Everyone was amazed at the shortness of the labour for a first time Mum. We have named her Ameera and she is doing great.

Hope all is well with you.



"...Due to the fact that I was Group B Strep positive and my water had to be broken, I had to be admitted to hospital and be artificially induced. Thus, most of the active and natural preferences that I had planned could not be carried out. For example, they had to put me on an IV drip and be monitored straight away and throughout the first stage of labour. (Despite this initial intervention) as a result of HypnoBirthing, Benjamin was born drug-free and was very calm and healthy on delivery and throughout his first few days in hospital. I have seen other women in the same recovery ward as me, who have had drugs e.g. pethidine, epidural, during labour, ended up with their babies pretty much sedated for the first days of their lives and suffered much more trauma in their first moments of life.
Benjamin scored a 9 at 1 min after birth and a perfect 10 after 5 minutes on the APGAR score at hospital. It is not very common that a newborn scored full marks, apparently. I am sure that some of it is down to the fact that his birth was not interfered by drugs or other instruments.
The hospital staff were amazed that I did not need any form of drugs as pain relief. They said that very few women (1 in 100) could withstand the pain of an induced labour without asking for an epidural. In most cases, women will end up having an epidural, leading to ventrouse or even C-section delivery.
I believe that if I hadn't done the HypnoBirthing class, I would have probably ended up needing to have a Caesarian."
Emily, Mother of Benjamin


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