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Birth Resources
National Childbirth Trust
Useful for information and networking with other mums-to-be.
HypnoBirthing® UK
The Official UK Website for HypnoBirthing® - the Mongan Method. Contains a discussion forum where you can ask questions and discuss your pregnancy with other HypnoBirthing® mothers and with HypnoBirthing® practitioners.
Birth Choice UK
Loads of useful information about UK maternity choices and statistics ~ find out what the Caesarean rate is at your local unit.
Birth Psychology
In these pages you'll be able to explore the many mental and emotional dimensions of pregnancy and birth in everything from scholarly articles to personal stories and late-breaking headlines.
This American website is dedicated to natural childbirth. You will find a wealth of information here presented purely for the benefit of those who are or want to be pregnant..
Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services - Active UK-based organisation focused on informing women about pregnancy and childbirth options.
Association of Radical Midwives
UK Midwives' organisation promoting the role of the midwife and 'normal' birth.
Pregnancy Diary
PregnancyDiary.org is a comprehensive guide to pregnancy and related information including pregnancy basics, pregnancy tests, diseases and pregnancy and more.
Birthpool Hire
Hello Baby
This company hires out smartubs. No assembly required, with built in heaters and water jets. You just plug them in and fill them up. They're also solid so they can be sat on, pushed, leaned against in labour. The jets make them great during pregnancy as well for relieving aches and pains.
Express Yourself Mums
A site for specialist breastfeeding and expressing products, useful supplies of breastpumps and their accessories as well as baby art and gifts.
Miss Molly Baby Sitting Directory
Miss Molly is the UK’s only nationwide babysitter database. Whether you are a parent looking for a special someone to look after your children or a babysitter with some time to spare, Miss Molly can help.
HypnoBirthing in other Countries
Pat Sonnenstuhl
CNM, HBCE, CHt Certified Nurse Midwife HypnoBirthing Practitioner Certified Hypnotherapist HypnoFertility Therapist
Online Community
Mothersonline is the leading online community for Kiwi mothers. Mothers can chat, find networks, buy and sell pre loved gear, advertise employment and learn from each other.
Remembering Francesca
Memmorial Website
This website remembers the life of Francesca Dallaglio, a young and exeptional woman who lost her life in the Marchioness disaster on the Thames River, in 1989.
Wellbeing Resources
Earth Energies
An exclusive range of creams, ointments and essences made from native plants, all which offer powerful traditional healing properties known only to Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Watsu Bodywork
Watsu is a pioneering form of aquatic bodywork, performed in body temperature water. This facilitates deep relaxation, and releases habitual holding patterns in the body. Offered by therapist Marilyn Fisher at the beautiful Tikapa Moana Lodge, in Kaiaua.


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